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Chrissie is an entrepreneur continuing to build her brand. Every project she commits to is handled with a sense of urgency and she feels a profound connection to campaigns that truly mean something.


At the forefront of every decision and design is her desire to express honest and raw emotions, and to contribute captivating and longstanding artwork to society, in order to encourage others to empower themselves through creativity.

Chrissie is a qualified Art and DT Teacher, experienced SEN Specialist and accredited Life Coach. In the Fashion Industry, she has worked as a fashion designer, stylist and a creative director. Literarily, she is a writer of fiction, music, poetry and film.


In the entertainment industry, she is known as a radio personality, with experience in event management, talent scouting and artist development.


Last but not least, Chrissie is an artist who swiftly creates fashion illustrations, sketches portraits and paints vibrant images in watercolour and acrylic.

An advocate for community and collaboration, Chrissie has a plethora of opportunities lined up that will uplift and educate the next generation of talented and driven creatives.